Zoe’s World: It’s Nice To Be Recognised For Creativity

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Zoe O Connor, who is a finalist in the .eu Web Awards 2016

I HAVE finally arisen from the land of study and with the Christmas tests behind me, my writing career can finally resume.

In the midst of all the study was a very unexpected surprise, one that was a lot more interesting and almost as nerve wrecking as my maths exam.

By some strange twist of fate, I won the Special Commendation Award at the .eu web awards.

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It’s a few weeks ago now, and I have to admit that I am still on Cloud Nine. But that’s enough about me I think, what about you? It’s only fair that I thank you. For reading my articles, for sharing my posts and supporting the industry that I wish to thrive in.

For those of you who are also my age, or those who also went through the schooling system; it can be easy to think that you will not be respected or applauded for the field of work you choose to pursue.

I for one always used to think that unless you were gifted at sport, science or maths; you would not be seen as good enough by your school.

I am not diminishing these fields at all, quite the contrary. Anyone who excels in these areas should be dead proud of it. I say that with the utmost sincerity considering I can’t kick a ball in a straight line nor can I complete a maths paper.

Recently though, I have seen a change. Creativity is now just as respected as the more traditional fields. Which I think is only fair. If you disagree; let me see if I can convince you. I know that maths is important.

I know that it plays a part in many significant areas in our lives, some which we may not even be aware of. Apparently, there is a relevant maths equation for every movement, every action and every step we take.

I get that’s important. But for a girl who struggles totting up the bill in a clothes shop (to detrimental effects I must add), just a focus on maths is not the best.

For those who can kick a ball, play rugby or perhaps stand a chance against Conor McGregor; there is also a whole field (pun intended) waiting for you.

Then, for so long there was no room for creative people to thrive. For those who were good at art; many were greeted with ‘It’s not like you’re the next Da Vinci’.

For those who could sing, no one believed that they would ever be able to make a career out of that. Then for the rare few who could work miracles with designs and create beautiful dresses; it’s not like they would ever be recognised.

Except now, the world has changed. It’s 2016, and the creative fields are finally being recognised. In equal rank with all the others. Maybe it’s one more step towards equality. Not quite reversing the whole Trump thing, but… baby steps.

All that said… I should probably start carrying a calculator to the shops, preferably prior to the Leaving Cert.

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