Council Issues Guidelines For Candidates Erecting Election Posters

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KERRY County Council is advising candidates for the forthcoming European and local elections that election posters may not be erected before Wednesday, April 24.

The statutory time period for the erection of election posters for the 2019 elections is 30 days before the poll date meaning that April 24 is the first day on which election posters can be legally erected.

Candidates for both the European and local elections who erect posters before this date can be liable for fines under the Litter Pollution Acts, with fines of €150 per poster.

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Council staff may remove posters erected before this date and recover the costs of removal and storage from the candidates.

In addition, candidates are reminded that under Section 95 of the Road Traffic Act 1961, it is an offence to attach any sign or poster to any road traffic sign or pole.

Traffic/road signs are specifically designed to be clearly read by passing motorists. Election posters attached to road signs can obstruct or obscure the sign making it difficult to read. Any posters displayed on traffic signs or poles will be removed.

In addition, Kerry County Council is advising against candidates hanging banners and posters from road overbridges and pedestrian bridges as they could become loose or be interfered with by third parties and could fall onto moving traffic.

The council is also asking candidates and their representatives to ensure that election posters are sited so they do not obstruct the view of traffic and pedestrians on public roads.

Under law, all election posters must bear the name and address of the printer of the posters.

Following polling day, candidates have seven days to remove all election posters and signage, as set out in statute. Candidates are also asked to remove cable ties which are often left behind when posters are removed, and which are unsightly and constitute litter.

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