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I WOULD like to think that I have a positive streak.

More on that line, I would like to believe that we all have a positive streak.

Sometimes though, it just happens that that streak seems to be buried a little deeper in some people than others.

Now let me contradict myself by explaining the workings of some of these more negative people – the ‘glass half empty’ crowd.

I don’t have to stretch too far to gather up inspiration for these negative folk, they seem to be everywhere.

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Sometimes I think that maybe it’s an Irish thing? It’s so normal for people to bring themselves down or to complain about this,that or the other.

I mean you can’t even compliment a person’s shoes without them quickly brushing off your words with the insistence that they’re really old or were really cheap.

You can’t comment on the weather without a sigh and nod towards the ominous clouds in the sky.

You can’t possibly bring up a conversation about any relatives, as it is more than likely that one of them is too loud, too rude or too easy with their money.

I get it that we all talk negatively from time to time, but we try to follow it all up with a “sorry, rant is over” or some positive silver lining to lift it all up.

It seems to be more taboo to talk about the positives in life than it is to dwell in the deep, dark hole of our despairs, which, they will be happy to remind you, there are many.

Yes, the weather is terrible and the recession is still lingering but if we keep focusing on those things how can we ever expect it all to get better?

I never see the point in fixating on all the negative things in life. Some of these people are one dreary comment away from turning into Mr.Scrooge. Which of course would just feed the negativity of other people.

In fact it would probably be discussed over a piping pot of tea, with each participant chipping in with another precious piece of information.

Sometimes it is hard to picture a scene that is more positively ‘Irish’ than a gruelling gossip session.

I don’t like gossiping or grudges or anything which is such a great waste of time. So let’s all fill up our glasses and become the a positive bunch who hold their ‘glass half full’ attitude up in celebration.

And if you still feel like putting on that pot of tea – just remember that positivity brews more positivity while negativity only brings more negativity.

So if you belong to the latter part of that statement, it’s about time to go out and buy some new tea bags don’t you think?…I hear they’re on offer.

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  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    The ‘glass half empty’ – “an Irish thing?” is that not just a bit offensive to Irish people?