Zoe’s World: We All Need To Have Goals To Strive For

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WE are all driven by something. Whether it be by a singular dream, by money, by love or perhaps by a particularly pleasant glass of wine.

Without drive, we would all lie marooned on our couches, moaning away.

Sadly, those people do exist and they can drag those around them down. Many of us often get criticised for having drive, or for having a dream.

You almost feel the need to apologise for having goals, as if they are a terrible inconvenience to those without them!

Every morning that we are lucky enough to wake up, there is usually at least one major factor that drags us from our sleepy stupor and out into the real world.

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The options are really endless, from a slice of chocolate cake and a deliciously brewed coffee (a nod to my love of The Bookshelf) or a deadline that needs to be met.

It’s normal – without motivation we would never leave our beds…And I hear bed sores are a real pain in the… Well you get where I’m coming from!

Like many of us, I have a lot of things motivating me. Yet, as I mentioned, I find myself coming up with a long list of reasons why my ‘goals’ are a sensible choice rather than just professing my love for what I am doing.

It’s a ridiculous practice which, depending on the company of course, is usually met with nods and is perhaps followed by a tutting conversation over a cup of Barry’s tea.

We have all been dreamers at one point in our lives. You can’t tell me that at least one point in your life you didn’t proudly state that you wanted to be a princess or a president or a priest (?) – or perhaps you wanted to grow as big as the giant in the Jack and the Beanstalk or possess the ability to turn invisible.

They may have been a tad far fetched… but at least we weren’t all ashamed of having goals!

I’m not asking you to take up a dream as enormous as Gatsby’s or to set your sights upon having your bank account balance looking like a phone number (I mean me too but, you know…).

I just believe that everyone should be driven by little goals and take pride in their wins, no matter their magnitude. We would all live a lot happier and more positive existence and in today’s day and age, we all need a bit of positivity!

So profess your passions to the masses and start making steps to follow your dreams. You’ll get extra points for doing it as unapologetically as possible.

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  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    What ramblings!