Mommy Moments: When Is The Right Time For Baby To Have Their Own Room?

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Our occasional columnist, Jennifer Kissane, on when to make ‘The Big Move’ for baby to their own room…

I’m not sure if there is a “right” time for your baby to move into their own room.

In fact,  I know mothers who co-sleep successfully and contentedly with their babies, in the same bed, not to mind the same room.

We didn’t co-sleep, but Fionn had his crib and then his cot next to our bed. Your baby’s breathing and sleep/wake patterns become another instinct, and it is incredibly comforting to be so close.

As the months passed, people began asking “is he in his own room yet?”, “oh he’ll never be out now if you don’t”.

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I just thought to myself what is the rush?  Was I doing something wrong?  Was there an age that babies were just up and out of their parents’  room?

The thought filled me with panic to be honest. I worried he’d be too far away. What if I couldn’t get to him? But you know the time just wasn’t right.. for me..more so than the baby…

Babies are routine lovers. That’s the plan anyway. Fionn is a great sleeper, but teething has him upside down.

Of course I felt that as long as he was unsettled, with the teeth breaking through, being uncomfortable and sniffles, next to mommy and daddy was the place to be.

As Fionn edged closer to twelve months and I was quite content in my baby bubble, it was the baby himself that was looking for his own independence.

The weekend of his first birthday, the big move took place…less than five feet away (seriously!) to his own room.

I didn’t sleep a wink that night to be fair. The baby however slept a blissful twelve hours. He is utterly content in his own space, in his own surroundings, undisturbed by other people and continues to be very settled.

As a comfort to mommy, you can take great pride in decorating the baby’s new room. A welcome distraction indeed.

The moral of my mommy moment is that each baby is different, each family is different and what suits one baby, may not suit your baby at all. Listen to your baby and they will let you know exactly what they need. #mommymoments

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